About Us

Multi-Point Consults Services (MPSC) was established to provide consultancy services for Airports/Airstrips Development, Aviation Contractors, Airport Operators, Aviation Organization, Airport Service Providers, Vendors in Airport Equipment and Stakeholders in aviation industry by providing technical solutions related to Airport Safety issues in accordance to relevant guidelines of ICAO and State Civil Aviation Authorities.

Our vision

To be among the best value Aviation Consultant Services Provider within the sub region through the experienced and robust staff expertise in MPCS.

Our mission is to provide a First-Class consulting services in aviation that meet all International Standard for Aerodrome Operation without undermining or degrading safety


  • When we agree to complete a project by a given date, we are true to our word.
  • We do not commit to work for which we are unsuitable rather we will help you to find more suitable alternatives.
  • Where we identify a more accurate, less costly or more rapid way of completing a project, we will bring it to your attention and seek your instruction.
  • Where we engage third-party consultants or contractors, we will be up front with you about who they are and seek your permission before proceeding.
  • We maintain total client confidentiality.
  •  Where we believe that our objective or integrity may be impaired by a conflict of interest, we will offer to withdraw from the project.
  • We protect and promote the interests of the aviation industry.
  • We recognise the essential role that aviation plays in linking  Nations and communities to Business, Trade, Tourism, Health Care, Education and Development Opportunities.

We are singularly focused on our core competency: a team of experts, all dedicated to providing consulting services for guidance in the implementation and programme  for Airport Certification, Relevant Documentation and Manuals for Airport  Operations, Aeronautical Study, Aerodrome Safety, Work Safety Plan, Airport Modernisation, Airport Planning, Real estate management  in Airport and Construction in airside.

Our team of experts and employees all shares one ethos- a passion for consulting to serve the aviation industry. Collectively we have a decade of experience and specialised knowledge in this niche market which is highly safety critical to people, aircraft and airport infrastructure. Our skills and know how to ensure thoughtful engineering solutions, high quality services and fair price.

We deliver in sharing our insights with our clients, industry and the community. Aviation today demands a high degree of economy efficiency, safety and security. It leaves no room for failure or compromise and that is why Standard and Recommended Practices are watchword for our team of experts in MPCS

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